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This is an introduction to the discipline of computer science, suitable for those students with a mature quantitative ability. This fast-paced course covers the basics of computer programming, with an emphasis on program design, problem decomposition, and object-oriented programming in Java. Graduates of this course will be able to write small computer programs independently; examples include data processing for a data-based science course, small games, or estimating likelihood of probabilistic events, etc.. No computer programming experience is necessary or expected. Students are required to register for a weekly lab.

SuperArrays has been released. It is due before 05:00PM on Tuesday, May 7, 2024.
Course number
CMSC B113 - students from all majors are welcome!
Elizabeth Dinella
Teaching Assistants
Course Staff
Discussion Forum
Code Samples From Lecture
Time and place
Spring 2024
TTH 12:55-2:15pm, Location: Park 231
Lab TH: 2:25-3:45pm, Location: Park 231
None - no prior programming background is required
Course Readings
Each lecture has an accompanying chapter/section of the textbook
Some lectures will have accompanying optional reading related to the lecture’s topic


  • Homeworks: 30%
  • Labs: 5%
  • Midterms: 25%
  • Final: 35%
  • Participation: 5%
Late day policy
As a general rule, no late homework will be accepted.
See the Policies for more details.